Irrigation Discussion Group Meeting – Corowa, Wednesday 18 December

The second meeting of the Riverine Plains Inc Irrigated Discussion Group will take place in the Corowa region on Wednesday 18 December  8:30am to 12:30pm (light lunch provided).

The group will meet at 8:30am at “Burraja Station” (Alistair Robb’s irrigated sorghum seed crop), with the session covering topics including:

  • Pivot maintenance and managing wheel tracks: Paul Upton, Uptons Engineering
  • Improving water use efficiency in Pivots: Paul Lavis, IK Caldwell
  • Calculating pumping costs: Dennis Watson, DEDJTR

At 10.30am, the meeting will move to “Lilydale” to view the Dye family’s irrigated maize crop. Topics will include;

  • Strip tillage and phosphorus placement:  Rosie Dye, IK Caldwell
  • Soil amelioration demonstrations: John Fowler, Murray LLS
  • Soil amelioration explained:  Dr Ehsan Tavakkoli, NSW DPI

Directions:  Buraja Station: Meet at 1000 Filliponis Lane, Lowesdale and follow signs.

Lillydale: From Corowa, 7.7km on Riverina Hwy towards Howlong, turn north into Lillydale Rd and go 5.2km to double gate and follow signs to field day.

For more details, download the Riverine Plains Irrigation Discussion Group field walk flyer December 2019, contact Kate Coffey, Riverine Plains Irrigation Discussion Group Facilitator by email or phone (03) 5744 1713.

New GRDC podcast on pulses featuring Cassie Schefe

GRDC have recently released a podcast on why soil-borne nutrient gives a better response in wheat than introduced fertiliser, with Riverine Plains Inc Research Coordinator, Dr Cassandra Schefe.

During this short 10 minute podcast, Cassandra gives a great rundown on the positive effect pulses can have on soil nitrogen, organic matter, soil carbon and on following crop yields. The podcast also covers the effect of acid soils on pulses and the role that liming and strategic tillage can play in improving the capability of our local production systems.

To listen, go to

Evan Moll Gerogery Field Day – 7 November

The Evan Moll Gerogery Field Day will be hosted by Riverine Plains Inc on Thursday 7 November, 2019, from 11am to 4:30pm.

A key part of the day will be the inspection of the cereal and canola varieties sown as part of the GRDC National Variety Trials (NVT), with the cereal NVT session led by Peter Matthews (NSW DPI) and Don McCaffery (NSW DPI) leading the canola discussions.

Adrian Clancy (Grain Brokers Australia) and Lachy Herbert (Riverina Oils) will provide an update on cereal and canola grain markets, while Andrew Millgate (NSW DPI) will speak about the new stripe rust strains affecting Trojan, Scepter and similar varieties, and the implications for 2020.

A presentation around oaten hay agronomy options will also be made by Peter Matthews (NSW DPI). David Leah (Seed Force) will lead a paddock inspection of a new and quicker maturing Seed Force winter grazing canola.

The new dual-purpose triticale variety, Kokoda, will also be unveiled by Waratah Seed Company Limited and Sydney University, with a key feature of the variety being its excellent grain quality and suitability for beer production.

The field day will be held from 11am – 4.30pm on Thursday 7 November, beginning with a pasture agronomy session at the Leah family property, 338 Fielder Moll Road Gerogery. At 12:30pm the field day will move across the road to the Moll family property, “Elderslie”, 167 Fielder-Moll Road, Gerogery, for the cropping agronomy session, which will be preceded by a free BBQ lunch provided by Seed Force.

For more information please contact the Riverine Plains Inc office on 03 5744 1713, email or download the Evan Moll Gerogery Field Day Flyer 2019

GRDC northern Pulse Check Meeting – Rand, 21 October

A pre-harvest meeting of the GRDC northern pulse check group at Rand will be held on Monday 21 October, 2019 at Rand, focussing on pre-harvest agronomy, storage and marketing.

Commencing at 3.00pm at Hamilton’s farm, Bogandillan, Rand, the meeting will begin with a paddock walk through  lentils, chickpeas and faba beans.  Chris Toohey will then speak on crop topping in pulses and insect management, and there will also be group discussion on header set-up for pulses.

Back at the sheds, Chris Warrick, Primary Business, will lead a discussion on storing pulses, managing pests in storage and options for expanding grain storage.  This will be followed by a presentation by Market Check, who will provide the latest information on the world pulse market and how it will impact prices this harvest.

Farmers Edge will be cooking a BBQ for attendees at the end of the session.

For further information, including directions, please download the RPI GRDC 2019 pre-harvest Pulse Check meeting flyer – Rand or contact Kate Coffey, Northern Pulse Facilitator on 03 5744 1713 or

GRDC Southern Pulse Check Discussion Group Meeting – Dookie, 21 October

The  GRDC southern Riverine Plains Inc Pulse Check pre-harvest meeting will be held from 8:30-11:00am on 21 October, 2019, with a focus on pre-harvest agronomy, storage and marketing.

Commencing at 8.30am at Alexander’s faba bean paddock, Bungeet, growers will be able to view a nitrogen fixation inoculant demonstration.  Alexander’s have also trialed a strip of copper to see if this can assist with pod development.

At 9:00am the group will visit an Albus Lupin crop grown by the Binnie family, which is a relatively new crop to the area.  Binnie’s have also trialed a strip of fungicide to see the impact on disease.  Scott Barlett (AgPro Consulting) will also discuss the use of crop topping in pulses and pest management prior to harvest.

The meeting will then move to Binnie’s sheds, where there will be a discussion around header set-up. Grain storage specialist, Chris Warrick, Primary Business, will then talk about storing pulses, managing pests in storage and options for expanding grain storage.

This will be followed by Market Check, who will provide the latest information on the world pulse market and how it will impact prices this harvest.

For further information, including meeting times and directions, please download the Dookie Pulse Check 2019 pre-harvest meeting flyer or contact Kate Coffey on 03 5744 1713 or

Riverine Research Centre Spring Field Day – 24 September, Yarrawonga

Riverine Research Centre Spring Field Day to showcase local research

The Riverine Plains Inc and FAR Australia Spring Field Day will be held at the Riverine Research Centre (RRC), Yarrawonga, on Tuesday 24 September, 2019, from 9am to 12pm.

The RRC is host to a range of trials and the field day will provide an opportunity to view the research being conducted at the site, including the GRDC management of early sown wheat trials, time of sowing, grazing, sowing rate and nitrogen timing trials, nutrition and disease management as well as aphid observations.

Speakers on the day include Kenton Porker (SARDI) and Michael Straight (FAR Australia), who will outline the major findings from the past three years of work on the GRDC manging early sown wheat trials,  while Kenton will also speak on dual-purpose and longer season barleys. Michael Straight and Ian Trevethan will also speak on the Riverine Plains Inc evaluation of winter wheat varieties for the region.

Kat Fuhrmann (FAR Australia) will provide a resistance update on the SDHI group of fungicides and there will also be an panel session dedicated to addressing issues growers might have about the current season.

The Riverine Research Centre Field Day will run from 9am – 12pm on Tuesday 24 September, 2019, at the Riverine Research Centre, 277 Reilly’s Rd, Yarrawonga, Victoria.  Morning tea and lunch will be provided.

The Riverine Research Centre is a partnership between Riverine Plains Inc and FAR Australia.

For more information please contact Fiona Hart at, on (03) 5744 1713 or download the 2019 RRC Spring Field Day Flyer.

RPI Spring tour

Tomorrow’s planned spring bus tour (Tuesday 10 September, 2019) will now be a tag-along tour, with car pooling encouraged.

The tour will leave from Mulwala Bakery at 7:00am, also meeting at 7:30 at Brocklesby (in front of the pub), and Walla Walla at 8:15 (DJ’s Fine Foods, 41 Commercial St Walla Walla, opposite Kotzur’s).

Visits will be made to :

  • Garry Mickan, Walla Walla (mixed farming, lamb feedlotting)
  • Warrick Holding, the Rock (Disc seeding systems, transitioning from tyne to disc)
  • John Stevenson, Warrakirri Ag Trusts, Lockhart (corporate agriculture, safflower trials)
  • Sandy Day, Lockhart (weed seed destructor)

Lunch is being kindly provided by Lockhart Ag Bureau. There is no cost for the tour.

For further information and contact details, please download the RPI 2019 Spring Tour flyer

Please note the change in times from previously circulated flyer

New Irrigation Discussion Group – first meeting 30 August, Mulwala

Grain growers are invited to the first meeting of the Riverine Plains Irrigated Discussion Group, which will be held on Friday 30 August, 2019 from 7:30-10:30 am at the Riverine Plains Inc office, 4/97-103 Melbourne St, Mulwala.

The Riverine Plains Irrigation Discussion Group is being formed as part of a project led by the Irrigated Cropping Council which aims to link new and innovative research investments by GRDC with local farmer-driven groups to enable interested growers to more actively involved in the irrigated grains research process.

Growers who join the Riverine Plains Irrigation Discussion Group will build on their knowledge by:

  • learning from one-another
  • building new peer and industry networks
  • gaining access to the latest research data
  • having the opportunity to shape project trial work to ensure it is relevant and meeting local needs

Some of the new irrigated research work to be discussed at group meetings will include results from projects looking to develop and validate soil amelioration and agronomic practices for irrigated grain crops as well as maximising the dollar return per megalitre of water.

The discussion group will also provide an opportunity for farmers to experiment with new techniques, research methods or develop an idea through local focus paddock trials on a local property.

The irrigation discussion group will meet four times each year to discuss agronomy and soil trials in the region and the implications of the research results at a local level.

Groups are also being established across the southern region by the Irrigated Cropping Council and project collaborators: Irrigation Research & Extension Committee, Southern Growers, Southern Farming Systems, the Maize Association of Australia and MacKillop Farm Management Group..

For further information, please download the Riverine Plains Irrigation Discussion group flyer  or contact Kate Coffey, Riverine Plains Irrigation Discussion Group Facilitator at or 03 5744 1713.

Dookie pre-canopy closure Pulse Check Meeting – 13 August

A pre-canopy closure meeting will be held at Dookie on Tuesday 13 August, 2019 from 9am-11:30am as part of the Riverine Plains Inc Pulse Check Discussion Group series of meetings.

The paddock walk and discussion will begin at Gall’s lentil paddock (corner Pelly Rd & South Boundary Rd, St James) before moving to Alexander’s albus lupin crop (NW corner Devenish-St James Rd and Boxwood Rd). The final site will be the Southern Pulse Agronomy site, McCormack Rd, Yabba South.

Discussions will also include:

  • Nodulation results from the GRDC N fixation farmer demonstrations (Kate Coffey, Riverine Plains Inc)
  • Albus lupin production (Bruce Larcombe, Larcombe Agronomy)
  • Disease Management (Joshua Fanning, Agriculture Victoria Research)

For further information, please download the Dookie pre-canopy closure Pulse Check meeting flyer 2019

In-season update – Mulwala, 8 August

Riverine Plains Inc will host its annual In-season Update at the Yarrawonga Mulwala Golf Club Resort on Thursday 8 August, 2019 from 9am – 1pm.

This all-important spring rainfall outlook will be delivered by Agriculture Victoria Seasonal Variability Agronomist, Dale Grey who will speak via videolink. Riverine Plains Inc Project Officer, Jane McInnes, will also provide a snapshot of current soil moisture availability, using data from the Riverine Plains weather station network, to help understand how much water is currently being held across the region’s soils.

James Manson from Southern Farming Systems will discuss the long-term economics and impact of harvest weed seed control techniques using results from a Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) project (also involving Riverine Plains Inc).

Nick Ennis from Lawson Grains will also discuss the application of precision agriculture technologies for targeted soil amelioration.

Based on experiences from a recent trip to Canada and the US, Riverine Plains Research Coordinator, Dr Cassandra Schefe will also present her observations on cover cropping, soil research, regenerative agriculture as well as pulse research and development.

Dr Cassandra Schefe and Jane McInnes will also provide an update of Riverine Plains Inc current local research program, while Riverine Plains Inc Project Officer Kate Coffey will review the economic results from a GRDC project looking at applying sulphur to canola crops in southern NSW.

For catering purposes, pre-registrations for the In-Season Update must be received by 5 August 2018. Cost is $25 for Riverine Plains Inc members and $35 for non-members (payable online or on the day) and includes morning tea and lunch. To register, contact Fiona Hart at or phone 03 5744 1713.

For further information, please download the In-season update 2019 Flyer.

After lunch a Soil Health Workshop will take place from 1.30pm – 3.30pm.  Farmers are invited to discuss the importance of soil health as well as how to improve the local relevance of soil improvement research. Further information is available via the Soil Health Workshop flyer.