Soil Pit Day & Nitrogen Workshop – Boorhaman

Soil Pit Day and Nitrogen Workshop on Thursday 23 February at Boorhaman

Riverine Plains Inc and Boorhaman Landcare are hosting a soil pit and workshop morning as part of the Soil Moisture Probe Project with the North East CMA.

The day will commence at 9am with a visit to a soil Pit at Adam & Jane McInnes property, Robinsons Road (Between Jones Swamp Road & W Boundary Road, Boorhaman). We will look at the soil pit and use this as a backdrop to discuss the soil moisture results from the probes, the impact of soil type on water movement, and where the N went last season.

At 10:30, we will head to the Boorhaman Hall for a discussion about the effects of last season and also how this might affect nitrogen strategies for this season. We will also be discussing yield prophet before finishing for lunch at around 12:30 at the Boorhaman Pub.

Please RSVP for catering purposes, either by email to or phone 03 5744 1713.  This day is open for all, so feel free to forward on to others.

For further information, please see the February Soil Pit Flyer 2017

The Soil Moisture Probe Network Project is supported by the North East CMA through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme.

Riverine Plains international agricultural study tour to South America

Twenty grain growers from north east Victoria and the Southern Riverina are set to visit Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil for a 14 day agricultural study tour leaving on the 28th August.  The study tour has been organised by Riverine Plains Inc and supported by the Grains Research & Development Corporation (GRDC) through their Grower and Advisor Development Program.

The South America Agricultural Study Tour has a focus on no-till cropping systems and will allow growers to learn more about farming systems in similar climatic zones.

No-till farming systems offer many benefits, however these systems also present many challenges for farmers, particularly in terms of dealing with large volumes of stubble.  Now that stubble management has become such a critical part of our cropping systems, this tour provides a fantastic opportunity to learn how no-till systems have evolved in different countries.

The tour incorporates a wide range of farm visits, leading research facilities, no-till specialists and agricultural commodity businesses.

The tour will also provide participants with a better understanding of the size and scope of the grains industry in South America, along with several examples of how the value chain is completely controlled by growers.

Forming new ideas and learning new methods from others is a key part of success in farming businesses.  By being exposed to ideas from half a world away, these tour participants will come away with a fresh perspective on no-till farming while also bringing new concepts home to explore on their own farms.

South America is also a key player in the international grain market and the tour provides an opportunity for members to better understand the production issues and the marketing and export frameworks in the region.  It’s also a fantastic opportunity to foster international networks between growers, advisors and researchers.

The tour will be led by Jermony Nolan Travel and Tours. Jeromy has been working in the travel industry since 1986 and has specially planned the tour around the group’s learning objectives.

Riverine Plains Inc is very grateful to the GRDC for supporting the study tour and look forward to sharing the key learnings from the study tour both during the trip and upon their return.