Canola Systems Field Day – 26 July Daysdale, Coreen, Howlong

Canola systems are being examined as part of a GRDC and Riverine Plains Inc field day to be held on Thursday 26 June, 2018.

The day aims to help growers work through issues around varietal selection, good agronomy and adequate nutrition by visiting trial sites established at Daysdale, Coreen and Howlong.

The field day will begin at 10.00am at the  canola systems trial site at Daysdale, which was established by Farmanco in partnership with Riverine Plains Inc and is designed to evaluate the profitability of different canola systems using hybrid, triazine tolerant, imi tolerant, high oleic and Roundup Ready® technologies.

The second part of the field day involves visits to trials sown as part of a GRDC investment investigating sulphur and nitrogen nutrition in canola. These trials were established to review regionally accepted sulphur and nitrogen application rates for canola in light of the good application histories many paddocks now have.

The field day will commence at 10am at the Maloney family farm, 95 Saffron Road, Daysdale, NSW. The second site visit will be from 12 noon at the Tomlinson family’s farm, Emu Park Road, Coreen. The third site visit will commence at 2:15pm at the Trevethan Family farm, Riverina Highway, Howlong.

This event is free and all are welcome. Signage will be provided on the day and lunch is included. Seed company representatives will be on hand to answer questions about different varieties at the canola systems trial site.

For more information and directions please download the Spotlight on canola systems flyer.

Stubble Project Paddock walks-10, 11 October at Coreen, Henty, Yarrawonga & Dookie


Riverine Plains Inc is holding its spring series of “Stubble Project” paddock walks next week, on the 10 and 11 October, 2017. The walks are part of the GRDC investment Maintaining Profitable Farming Systems with Retained Stubble in the Riverine Plains Region and will take place at on-farm trial sites at Coreen, Henty, Yarrawonga and Dookie.

The paddock walks are being held at the project trial sites, which compare the performance of different stubble management techniques including mulching, incorporation, burning and standing stubble.

This is the final year of large scale on-farm trials for this project, and next week’s spring paddock walks provide an opportunity for growers to visit these trial sites and see how crops sown under the different stubble management techniques are responding to the current seasonal conditions.

The walks also present an opportunity for farmers and advisors to come together to discuss frost risk and moisture availability, as well as nitrogen response this season.

The focus farms are spread throughout the Riverine Plains, allowing farmers and advisors to attend the site closest, and most relevant to them.

The dates for the on-farm discussion groups are:

  • Coreen: Tuesday 10 October, 10am – 12noon at Tomlinson Ag’s property, Emu Park Rd (gate is on the western side of the channel, between Minns and Straherne Roads), Coreen.
  • Henty: Tuesday 10 October, 2pm – 4pm at Peter Campbell’s property. Meet at the sheds, 452 Henty-Pleasant Hills Road, Henty (“Avondale” on the mailbox).
  • Yarrawonga: Wednesday 11 October, 10am – 12noon at Telewonga Ptd Ltd, 292 Reillys Road, Yarrawonga.
  • Dookie: Wednesday 11 October, 1:30pm – 3.30pm at the Ludeman Brothers property, Dookie-Devenish Road (gate is between Dookie-Nalinga Road and Proctors Road), Dookie.

Speakers will include Michael Straight from FAR Australia and Cassandra Schefe from Riverine Plains Inc.

These events are free and all are welcome. For more information please download the 2017 RPI October Stubble Paddock Walk Flyer, or contact or phone (03) 5744 1713.

Riverine Plains Inc is an independent farming systems group specialising in farmer driven research and extension across north-east Victoria and southern New South Wales. For more information, or to become a member, please visit



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