Riverine Plains Research Advisory Council Members Announced

Riverine Plains are pleased to announce the formation of an inaugural Research Advisory Council which has been established to develop the research strategy and priorities of the organisation.

Riverine Plains Chairman, Ian Trevethan said the formation of the Research Advisory Council was an exciting step towards ensuring the group better identifies research opportunities, gaps, risks and issues, as well as providing insights about what is going on both inside and outside the region.

“As an organisation, we have always focussed on farmer-driven research and this will not change.  The Research Advisory Council will maintain the traditional focus on grains and soils, and in addition expand our research portfolio to incorporate livestock systems, climate and environmental pillars” said Mr Trevethan.

The Riverine Plains Research Advisory Council comprises a diverse mix of farmers, researchers and advisors, all with excellent locally relevant expertise and a range of interests and skill sets.

“It also represents the group’s geographic footprint really well, with eight members from NSW and eight from Victoria to ensure that Riverine Plains can be well-placed to meet the future needs of members” Mr Trevethan added.

The 16 member Research Advisory Council will be jointly chaired by Riverine Plains Board Members Melissa Brown (Miepoll, Vic) and John Bruce (Barooga, NSW).  The newly appointed members include Scott Bartlett (Kialla, Vic), Dr. (Paul) Long Cheng (Dookie, Vic), David Gooden (Lockhart, NSW), Rob Inglis (Wagga Wagga, NSW), David Leah (Gerogery, NSW), Angus Malmo (Yerong Creek, NSW), Craig Marshall (Rennie, NSW), Tom Marriott (Barooga, NSW), Dr. Madeline Mitchell (Melbourne, Vic), Eric Nankivell (Albury, NSW), Andrew Russell (Lilliput, Vic), Rhiannon Sandford (Yea, Vic), Dr. Cassandra Schefe (Rutherglen, Vic) and Corey Uebergang (Peechelba East, Vic).

“Locally relevant research, extension and validation provides an incredibly important foundation for improving the way we farm, so the importance of this group can’t be understated in terms of what it means for the productivity and sustainability of local farming businesses” said Mr Trevethan.

“We congratulate all those appointed to the advisory council and look forward to the group being a driving force for the Riverine Plains research, extension, validation and adoption program to deliver timely and innovative outcomes for members” concluded Mr Trevethan.

Riverine Plains encourages anyone with research ideas, needs, queries or challenges, to please get in touch with one of the Research Advisory Council members, or contact the Riverine Plains office directly on 03 5744 1713 or email  



Riverine Plains AGM news

The Riverine Plains Inc Annual General Meeting (AGM) for 2020 was held at the group’s Mulwala office on Thursday 25 February, 2021. The 2020 AGM was delayed until 2021 as a result of border closures and COVID-19, which prevented the AGM from being conducted earlier.

Ian Trevethan was re-elected as Chair, with Fiona Marshall elected as Vice-Chair. Murray Scholz was elected as Treasurer, with John Bruce elected as Public Officer. Melissa Brown was also elected to the board.

Several constitutional changes were passed at the AGM which related to membership eligibility and board structure.

Riverine Plains Chair, Ian Trevethan described these changes as important for enabling a more focused, efficient organisation, with a sharper focus on delivering value to members, partners and research associates, while remaining true the Riverine Plains’ motto of “Farmers inspiring Farmers”.

In his 2020 Chairman’s Report, Ian Trevethan thanked the outgoing 2020 committee (John Bruce, Melissa Brown, Adrian Clancy, Barry Membrey, Jan Davis, Paul Gontier, Fiona Marshall, Brad Stillard, Eric Nankivell, Curt Severin and Daniel Moll) for their work and support throughout the year. Ian also thanked Dale Grey of Agriculture Victoria for providing Executive Support.

Ian also expressed his heartfelt thanks for the individual contributions made to the group over many years and stated he was looking forward to the continued involvement of the 2020 committee through the new board and the various subcommittees.

“I believe the group met last year’s significant challenges exceptionally well and, with a smaller board and a new CEO, Riverine Plains is well placed to meet future challenges and capitilise on new opportunities” he said.


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