Riverine Plains Inc & FAR Australia Spring Field Day 24 September

The Riverine Plains Inc and FAR Australia spring field day will be held at the Riverine Research Centre, Burramine, on Tuesday 24 September 2019.

The field day will involve tours of trials and discussions focussing on:

  • The performance of cereals sown from mid-March to early May (trials includes 27 different wheat and barley varieties of different maturities)
  • GRDC Management of early-sown wheat trials: Summary of findings of the past 3 years of work to be presented by Kenton Porker (SARDI) and Michael Straight (FAR Australia)
  • Innovations in barley: Dual purpose and longer season barley: presented by Kenton Porker (SARDI)
  • Nutrition 
  • Disease management
  • Update on new-found resistance to SDHI fungicides presented by Kat Fuhrmann (FAR Australia)
  • Aphid observations
  • Agronomic panel discussion

The Riverine Research Centre Field Day will run from 9am – 12pm on Tuesday 24 September, 2019, at the Riverine Research Centre, 277 Reilly’s Rd, Yarrawonga, Victoria.  Morning tea and lunch will be provided.

The Riverine Research Centre is a partnership between Riverine Plains Inc and FAR Australia.

For further information, please contact Fiona Hart at, on (03) 5744 1713 or download the 2019 RRC Spring Field Day flyer