We know that rural and regional students face a range of challenges when pursuing tertiary studies. Students from non-farming backgrounds can also find it difficult to gain practical experience and establish networks in agriculture-related fields.

The Riverine Plains Scholarship Program can make a big impact for students from both farming and non-farming backgrounds that are working towards their qualifications in an agriculture-related field. While the Scholarship Program has a major focus on supporting students in agriculture, there are also opportunities for students who can demonstrate an interest in living and working in the Riverine Plains region.

Each of the scholarships offered through the Riverine Plains Scholarship Program recognises academic excellence and leadership potential. All scholarships provide financial support, as well as an invaluable pathway to future employment through work experience and networking.

Haylee Murrell, Alvan Blanch Agriculture Scholar, 2023

"I’m incredibly honoured and thrilled to be the recipient of an Alvan Blanch Australian Agriculture Scholarship. Not coming from a traditional farming background, I’m eager to grow my community and meet fellow peers and industry leaders from different backgrounds, and the networking opportunities provided by Riverine Plains are really exciting for me. This scholarship allows me to immerse myself in further education while establishing a career that I am passionate about."

Haylee Murrell
Alvan Blanch Agriculture Scholar, 2023


The 2024 Riverine Plains Scholarship Program schedule is currently being finalised.


2024 opening date to be advised.

The Riverine Plains Scholarship is for agriculture students and students of another discipline who can demonstrate a passion for agriculture.

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2024 opening date to be advised.

The Hanrahan Family Scholarship (in memory of John Hanrahan) recognises agricultural excellence in the Riverine Plains region.

This scholarship was first offered in 2023.

The Alvan Blanch Australia Scholarships supported students from a non-farming background considering agriculture as a career.

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This scholarship was first offered in 2022.

The Corteva Agriscience Scholarship had a plant breeding and agronomy focus and was for agriculture and agribusiness students or students who could demonstrate a passion for agriculture.

Corteva Agriscience

This scholarship was first offered in 2021.

The Uncle Tobys Scholarship recognised and encouraged agricultural excellence, with a focus on general agronomy, oats and post-farm-gate manufacture.

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Riverine Plains provides opportunities to see new research and innovation, connect with rural communities, and attend informative and practical events.

The Russell Family
“Riverine Plains is the authority on farming systems and farmer-driven research that directly feeds back to our business. We've had continuous benefits from the research extension, publications, and updates.”
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