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Alvan Blanch Australia is supporting students from non-farming backgrounds in their studies.


Alvan Blanch is a global engineering company that specialises in innovative design, production and installation of high-quality machines and integrated systems for the processing of agricultural produce and waste materials.

Alvan Blanch Australia manages a national network of Alvan Blanch installation and maintenance engineers who implement end-to-end grain drying solutions across Australia’s cropping regions. From concept and proposal, through to delivery, instal¬lation, start-up, training and maintenance.

The Alvan Blanch Australia scholarships were first offered in 2023, with the aim to attract, recognise and encourage people into agriculture in the Riverine Plains region.

Past recipients

2023 Alvan Blanch Australia Agriculture Scholar – Haylee Murrell

Haylee grew up near Gunnedah in northwest New South Wales and is studying a Bachelor of Agriculture at the University of New England. She has a passion for the cropping industry.

Haylee Murrell, Alvan Blanch Agriculture Scholar, 2023

"I’m incredibly honoured and thrilled to be the recipient of an Alvan Blanch Australian Agriculture Scholarship. Not coming from a traditional farming background, I’m eager to grow my community and meet fellow peers and industry leaders from different backgrounds, and the networking opportunities provided by Riverine Plains are really exciting for me. This scholarship allows me to immerse myself in further education while establishing a career that I am passionate about."

Haylee Murrell
2023 Alvan Blanch Australia Agriculture Scholar

2023 Alvan Blanch Australia Engineering Scholar – Leonard O’Callaghan

Leonard is interested in agrotechnology, genetics, climate change research and protein-rich crop development. He is currently studying a Diploma of General Studies at The University of Melbourne’s Dookie Campus.

Leonard O’Callaghan

"Being selected as one of the inaugural recipients of the Alvan Blanch Scholarship for 2023 supports my aspirations to continue to learn more about agriculture. This scholarship is helping to alleviate financial stress, empowering my full engagement in academics and extracurricular activities. With a blend of passion, skills, and determination, I hope to make a meaningful and lasting impact on the agricultural industry and the broader community."

Leonard O’Callaghan
Alvan Blanch Australia Engineering Scholar

Scholarship funding

This scholarship was funded by Alvan Blanch Australia.


The Scholarships supported students from a non-farming background considering agriculture as a career.

Icon Bursary

A bursary of $5,000.

Icon Quality education & resources

Access to work placement opportunities via Alvan Blanch Australia.

Icon Discussion Group

Opportunities to network and gain knowledge, with free access to all Riverine Plains events.

Icon People

Mentoring by Riverine Plains staff.

Explore our scholarships

The Riverine Plains Scholarship Program is designed to support students from both farming and non-farming backgrounds to excel as they work towards their qualifications in an agriculture-related field.



We take pride in our programs that help build vibrant, sustainable rural communities and contribute to the prosperity of the Riverine Plains. Explore our frequently asked questions to find out more.

Need more help?

How do I apply?

To apply, students will need to complete the applications form, which will become available when the Riverine Plains Scholarship Program opens.

Students must answer all questions and upload the required documents to be considered.

Can I apply for more than one scholarship at a time?

Yes, a student can apply for multiple scholarships, using the same application form.

Can I apply if I live outside Australia?

No, you must be an Australian permanent resident or citizen to apply. Overseas applications will not be considered.

Are the eligibility criteria different for individual scholarships?

Yes, students must carefully read the eligibility criteria and can only apply for the scholarships that they are eligible for. Students must be enrolled in a course delivered by a recognised Australian tertiary institution.

Where is the Riverine Plains?

The Riverine Plains is an agro-ecological area that spans northeast Victoria and southern NSW. Please refer to our map for more information.

How is the bursary paid?

The bursary is made as two payments over two years, unless the Scholarship recipient is in their final year of study, in which case it will be made as a single payment.

If I am successful, will I have any ongoing obligations to Riverine Plains or the Scholarship Partner?

Successful recipients may be asked to attend and speak at selected events hosted by Riverine Plains or Scholarship Partners. Recipients will also be asked to be involved in Scholarship Program promotion, however this is not expected to be onerous.

If I am successful, what happens if I withdraw from study or take leave from study?

All recipients must demonstrate satisfactory progress through their coursework. Riverine Plains may terminate or discontinue the Scholarship in the event of a failure to progress.

If I am successful, what happens if my study load changes to part-time?

Riverine Plains must be informed of any changes to a student’s study load, with continuation of the Scholarship to be made at Riverine Plain’s discretion.


Riverine Plains is a place to see new research and innovation, connect with rural communities, and be part of great events.

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