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Read our Annual Reports to learn more about our organisation, its objectives, governance, budget, operations and plans for the future.


The Riverine Plains Annual Report provides a comprehensive summary of our projects, events and activities over the year. It features reports from the Chair, CEO and Treasurer and includes updates about Riverine Plains programs, people and partners.

Our premier partners

Riverine Plains is generously supported by our partners to deliver additional services to members.

We especially value the long-term support provided by our Premier Partners – the Commonwealth Bank and IK Caldwell AGnVET.

Our strategies for success

Riverine Plains supports our members to achieve prosperity in their farming systems – through increased profitability, productivity and long-term sustainability.


Meet our team

Our team is experienced in agriculture, business management, research and trialing new technologies. Working in partnership with our members, we’re passionate about supporting farmers and everyone working in agriculture in the Riverine Plains.