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Building essential skills in business management.

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With increasingly tight margins, farm businesses must be well-equipped to manage the financial aspects of their businesses, as well as their human resource management and governance needs.

Riverine Plains is committed to building capacity in our farming community, and the Better Business Program aims to build skills across these vital areas.

While larger, corporate farms and other agribusinesses can readily organise relevant training opportunities and internal workshops for their staff, it is not always feasible to do this in family-based farming businesses.

The Riverine Plains Better Business Program is working to identify existing local training and professional development opportunities, to better connect our farmer members with the types of training opportunities they need to effectively manage their businesses. This includes aspects of farm safety, business and office administration, human resource and financial management, based on needs identified by our members.

Where there is a recognised lack of relevant training in a specific area, Riverine Plains will organise workshops, expert speakers, resources, and training materials to meet our member requirements.

Training and development opportunities

Training and development opportunities are based on suggestions submitted by our farmer members. To suggest a topic, please fill out this form, or email Riverine Plains Membership Engagement Officer, Lynn Macaulay by lynn@riverineplains.org.au

Commercial partnership opportunities

There are commercial partnership opportunities available for businesses looking to support Riverine Plains’ delivery of this program. To learn more, please contact Riverine Plains CEO Pip Grant by emailing ceo@riverineplains.org.au  

Program partners

This program is delivering training programs and resources to increase farm business resilience, and is supported by the Victorian Drought Hub, through the Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund.

Our programs

Connecting and creating opportunities for young people, women in rural communities and business managers to grow their skills.



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