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Harvest wrap up Rand

Icon Members’ Event
Tuesday 27 February 2024
8.15am - 1.30pm



Event partners

Thanks to Wiesners Walla Walla / Wodonga for showcasing their Lemken machines on the day and the Hamilton family for hosting.



Come along to discuss how the 2023 season went, share any key learnings from the year and how they can be applied for the 2024 season. We encourage growers to get there early, catch up with neighbours and hear about the great work being undertaken by Riverine Plains.

What we'll cover

  • Harvest discussion – challenges and learnings
  • Riverine Plains updates and upcoming work
  • 2023 project results
  • Feedback session – an opportunity to let us know your thoughts on 2023 and what you would like to see from Riverine Plains in 2024!
  • Head to the paddock – soil extension machinery demonstration and discussion led by Chris Wiesner, Wiesners Walla Walla / Wodonga showcasing Lemken machines.


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