Managing drought and climate challenges – drought-preparedness workshops

Drought is an inevitable part of farming in Australia and its impacts can have enormous economic, environmental and social consequences for regional communities.

With water and feed currently in plentiful supply, now is the ideal time to prepare for the challenges of managing future drought and Riverine Plains Inc invites farmers and community members to a series of drought-preparedness workshops across southern NSW and North-East Victoria.

The workshops are forums for farmers, business operators and Indigenous custodians to share their different experiences of drought and to learn from each other. The workshops also provide an opportunity to strengthen personal and business connections, whilst gaining a better understanding of the health and financial support services available.

• Why now is a good time to prepare for drought,
• Previous experiences of drought – what worked, what didn’t,
• Identifying on-farm/business changes needed for the next drought,
• Accessing physical and mental health services, business supports and grants,
• How can communities be better supported?,
• Personal and business connections during drought

The workshops are being delivered through the Enhancing Community Networks for Drought Resilience in the Riverine Plains project. To learn more, or to find out how your community can be involved, email Riverine Plains Project Officer, Kate Coffey at or phone 03 5744 1713.

The Enhancing Community Networks for Drought Resilience in the Riverine Plains project is funded by the Future Drought Fund’s Networks to Build Drought Resilience program, through donors the Australian Government, Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal and the Pratt Foundation.