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Riverine Plains 2023 Innovation Expo just around the corner

Riverine Plains 2023 Innovation Expo, 24 - 25 August. Explore data-driven farming for increased productivity and profitability. Hear from experts, engage in panels, and experience the latest farm tech.

Riverine Plains are excited to invite farmers, agribusinesses, agricultural students, and researchers to the 2023 Riverine Plains Innovation Expo, which will be held at Mulwala from 24 – 25 August 2023.

The theme, Putting farmers first – driving decisions using data, focuses on the increasingly important role that data plays in farming businesses.

Riverine Plains’ CEO, Catherine Marriott, described the Innovation Expo as a fantastic opportunity for farmers, researchers and advisors, as well as young people starting out in agriculture, to learn more about the challenges and opportunities currently occurring across global markets.

“The Innovation Expo will focus on using on-farm data, which is already being collected in large amounts by farmers, to increase productivity and profitability, while also addressing the importance of data capture to maintain access, particularly into premium markets,” said Ms Marriott.

“We’ll also explore how farmers can collect and use new types of data, or better use the data they already have, to prepare themselves and their businesses for inevitable market changes in the short to medium term,” she added.

The Innovation Expo will begin with the Riverine Plains Alvan Blanch Australia Innovation Conference on Thursday 24 August.

Keynote conference speakers, including Alexandra Gartmann, Chair of the Victorian Agriculture and Climate Change Council and Nigel Hart, Managing Director GRDC, will discuss data and the use of new technologies, including data-sharing with end-users, artificial intelligence and privacy.

Brad Egan, 2022 Young Farmer of the Year, will share his experiences of using data for agricultural innovation, profitability and sustainability.

The farmer and supply chain panel sessions will enable farmers to ask questions and get into detail about better meeting supply chain requirements, new technologies to make data collection and reporting easier, as well as how to use data to make better decisions.

Farmer panelists include Nick Ennis from Lawson Grains, Anna Toland from Toland Merino, Brad Egan, Broden Holland and Emma Ayliffe from Summit Ag, while the supply-chain panel discussion features Rohan Jarvis from New Edge Microbials, Keryn McLean from Bayer, Mark Allen from Thera Capital Management, Dwain Duxson from Farm Tender and Chris Stevens from Kellogg’s Australia.

The Riverine Plains New Edge Microbials Gala Fundraising Dinner follows the Innovation Conference, with comedian Jean Kittson providing the entertainment.

The Riverine Plains Alvan Blanch Australia Farm Tour on Friday 25 August will take a practical look at how farmers are employing new technologies such as drones, weed-detecting technology and grain dryers to make better and more sustainable farming decisions.

“The farm tour is all about finding innovative solutions to everyday problems and we’re excited to demonstrate a range of new technologies, tools and sustainable practices that can make a real difference to farming businesses,” said Ms Marriott.

“With an incredible line up of speakers across both days of the Innovation Expo Riverine Plains are so excited for farmers, researchers, industry and students to join us to connect, exchange ideas and share learnings that can inspire and drive change in agriculture,” concluded Ms Marriott.

Tickets sales for this event are closed.


Michelle Pardy
Communications Manager Bachelor of Agricultural Science

15 August 2023



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