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Notes from the In-Season Update 2020

The Riverine Plains In-Season Update was held online during August 2020, providing farmers with an opportunity to discuss likely issues this spring.

For the first time, the Riverine Plains In-Season Update was held online during August 2020. 

The Update included a brief, technical update for Riverine Plains region farmers and industry, and included the outlook for spring (Dale Grey, Agriculture Victoria), fungicides (Bruce Larcombe, Larcombe Agronomy) and nitrogen decision making (Lee Menhenett, Incitec Pivot Fertilisers).  Local farmers John Bruce, Jamie Cummins, Dave Gooden and Daniel Moll also provided an update on the current season.

For a copy of the recording please use the links below:

Part 1:
Seasonal Update: what sort of spring can we expect? Dale Grey, Agriculture Victoria
Fungicides: Bruce Larcombe, Larcombe Agronomy
Nitrogen decisions. Lee Menhenett, Incitec Pivot Fertilisers

Part 2:
On-farm updates from around the region including John Bruce (Barooga), Dave Gooden (Lockhart), Jamie Cummins (Burramine) and Daniel Moll (Gerogery).

Thank you very much to our speakers and to everyone who attended.


Michelle Pardy
Communications Manager Bachelor of Agricultural Science

10 August 2020



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