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Northern Victoria Grain & Graze 2

Improving feed utilisation and stock productivity with no negative on crop production, increasing overall farm profitability.

This project was completed in 2013.


This project aimed to deliver profitable outcomes from increased stocking rates. It investigated the better utilisation of feed grown and improved crop production through best agronomic practice.

In short: This project focused on achieving profitability through increased stocking rates and better feed utilisation. A dryland grazing demonstration in Tungamah showed grazing's impact on Naparoo wheat yield, with no compromise to paddock profitability.

Riverine Plains was involved in a dryland grazing demonstration at Tungamah which aimed to determine the effect of grazing on the grain yield of Naparoo wheat. The sheep grazed an estimated 700kg of DM/ha during the 3-week grazing period. 

The profitability of the paddock was not compromised by grazing and provided stock with feed during July 2011. 

Project outcomes

The results from this trial are available as an excerpt from Research for the Riverine Plains, 2012.

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For further information. please email info@riverineplains.org.au

Project investment

This was an investment of the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) and 'Caring for our country'.


This project was led by Birchip Cropping Group (BCG) with support from Riverine Plains.

Focus areas


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