Evan Moll Gerogery Field Day – 7 November

The Evan Moll Gerogery Field Day will be hosted by Riverine Plains Inc on Thursday 7 November, 2019, from 11am to 4:30pm.

A key part of the day will be the inspection of the cereal and canola varieties sown as part of the GRDC National Variety Trials (NVT), with the cereal NVT session led by Peter Matthews (NSW DPI) and Don McCaffery (NSW DPI) leading the canola discussions.

Adrian Clancy (Grain Brokers Australia) and Lachy Herbert (Riverina Oils) will provide an update on cereal and canola grain markets, while Andrew Millgate (NSW DPI) will speak about the new stripe rust strains affecting Trojan, Scepter and similar varieties, and the implications for 2020.

A presentation around oaten hay agronomy options will also be made by Peter Matthews (NSW DPI). David Leah (Seed Force) will lead a paddock inspection of a new and quicker maturing Seed Force winter grazing canola.

The new dual-purpose triticale variety, Kokoda, will also be unveiled by Waratah Seed Company Limited and Sydney University, with a key feature of the variety being its excellent grain quality and suitability for beer production.

The field day will be held from 11am – 4.30pm on Thursday 7 November, beginning with a pasture agronomy session at the Leah family property, 338 Fielder Moll Road Gerogery. At 12:30pm the field day will move across the road to the Moll family property, “Elderslie”, 167 Fielder-Moll Road, Gerogery, for the cropping agronomy session, which will be preceded by a free BBQ lunch provided by Seed Force.

For more information please contact the Riverine Plains Inc office on 03 5744 1713, email info@riverineplains.org.au or download the Evan Moll Gerogery Field Day Flyer 2019