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Farmers need to manage climate variability within and across seasons, as well as a changing climate in the longer term. We are helping to  boost resilience and foster more sustainable farming practices.

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Each farming season is characterised by differences in rainfall, temperature and the occurrence of storms and extreme events. 

Understanding the amount of moisture in the soil profile and the likelihood of follow-up rain is key to making sound management decisions. Farmers need this information to make decisions about how and when to sow, irrigate, fertilise and harvest. They also need to understand when temperature and rainfall conditions increase the risk of pest and disease outbreaks, and when frost and heat stress may impact crops at sensitive stages of development. 

Having up to date and reliable climate and weather information is critical for farmers to make informed decisions about the timing of their farming operations, including spraying. This allows for yield to be maximised under the prevailing seasonal conditions, and in turn leads to increased profitability by understanding when to apply or withhold inputs.

Riverine Plains is undertaking a number of projects and programs to enhance resilience and foster sustainable farming practices. This will help farmers prepare for climate variability and extremes now and into the future.

Research highlights

  • The Riverine Plains network of weather stations and soil moisture probes helps farmers manage their day-to-day farm operations, including spraying, sowing and harvest operations.
  • Riverine Plains is investigating how the network of weather stations can better support the community, emergency services and farmers with bushfire and flood management.
  • Farmers in the Riverine Plains are managing extremely damaging slug populations – monitoring soil moisture can help predict when slugs may reach the surface.

Supporting climate resilience through weather stations

On-farm weather stations fill an important information gap for farmers and we are investigating how they can assist emergency services and communities, when no other weather information is available.

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Our climate-related projects are helping farmers to better manage climate variability, both within and across seasons.



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