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Behind every farm is a farmer, and every farmer a family. Our communities need healthy, informed and connected people to make the Riverine Plains a thriving region.

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Healthy, happy and connected people are key to successful farming businesses and farming communities.

The health and well-being of farmers, their immediate and extended families, as well as people employed in the farm business are key to the profitability and long-term sustainability of farms. Healthy farmers, families and workers leads to vibrant, connected and well-supported farming communities.

A key part of maintaining health and well-being is through social connections and networks. Riverine Plains strives to create opportunities for farmers to come together, whether it be at a post-event BBQ, formal sit-down dinner or Ladies Lunch.

Riverine Plains also has a strong interest in supporting young farmers, agriculture professionals and students in their career development. We provide opportunities to create strong peer networks that can be drawn upon in their future careers. The Riverine Plains Youth in Ag and Riverine Plains Scholarship Program  are specific programs examples of how we’re working to create opportunities for young people in the early stages of their agricultural careers.

Farming often involves heavy machinery, long hours and working alone, so it’s important that people who live and work on farms are supported to look after their emotional and physical well-being. Safety should always be prioritised. Riverine Plains aims to support Work Health and Safety through our project events and through regular articles in our blogs and publications.

Riverine Plains also recognises that effective farmers need a range of management and administration skills as well as personal development. We aim to provide regular opportunities for farmers to learn and grow their skills and potential.

Research highlights

  • Drought is inevitable and The Enhancing Community Networks project helped farmers and the community prepare by sharing their lessons and experiences of drought.
  • Connecting young farmers, students and ag-professionals is a key feature of the Riverine Plains Youth in Ag Program.

Enhancing community networks

This project helped people in Riverine Plains’ communities make personal and business connections to help them better prepare for the next drought or climate challenge.

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Our projects and programs help people involved in agriculture develop their skills and capabilities, so they can be better business managers and contribute effectively to their communities.



Discover past and upcoming events – from webinars and seminars to workshops and field days.


Discover unique perspectives on agriculture from across the Riverine Plains.

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