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We stand alongside farming businesses with programs and events to inform and educate. Better business management will grow our member prosperity and enrich our community.

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Farming businesses need to be profitable to be sustainable in the long term.

To run a profitable business in any sector, you must first understand the key profit drivers and the main costs to the business. For farming businesses to maintain or increase profits year-on-year, farm managers can increase production, attract higher prices and/or reduce costs. This requires farmers to be across all aspects of the farm business, including markets and the costs of administration, finance, production, governance and safety.

Good record keeping is an essential tool for analysing profitability in an agribusiness. Making numerous small changes across the business can cumulatively have a large impact on overall profit, so it’s important to use data to track how decisions are impacting the business.

Good communication and relationships are important across all levels, including with your bank manager, advisors, family members and staff. Keeping people in the loop and informed of issues will help keep everyone on the same page. This will help in making timely decisions, especially during stressful times.

Good business skills — including communication, administration and effective management techniques — are essential in farm businesses. Riverine Plains helps by running a number of business-focused programs and events to give farmers access to resources and training in these areas. We also aim to provide the latest information on markets, costs and new innovations.

Helping farmers stay informed and effective at business management is key to Riverine Plains’ purpose — growing member prosperity by building knowledge and skills.

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The Riverine Plains Better Business Program will provide local farming businesses with the opportunity to increase their skills in business management, including software use, benchmarking and commodity marketing.

Better Business Program

Farmers must be well-equipped to manage the financial aspects of their businesses, as well as their human resource management and governance needs. The Riverine Plains Better Business program is building skills across these vital areas.

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Our business-focused projects and programs help farm business managers better identify risks and opportunities, to help improve sustainability in the long term. 



Discover past and upcoming events – from webinars and seminars to workshops and field days.


Discover unique perspectives on agriculture from across the Riverine Plains.

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