Dookie pre-canopy closure Pulse Check Meeting – 13 August

A pre-canopy closure meeting will be held at Dookie on Tuesday 13 August, 2019 from 9am-11:30am as part of the Riverine Plains Inc Pulse Check Discussion Group series of meetings.

The paddock walk and discussion will begin at Gall’s lentil paddock (corner Pelly Rd & South Boundary Rd, St James) before moving to Alexander’s albus lupin crop (NW corner Devenish-St James Rd and Boxwood Rd). The final site will be the Southern Pulse Agronomy site, McCormack Rd, Yabba South.

Discussions will also include:

  • Nodulation results from the GRDC N fixation farmer demonstrations (Kate Coffey, Riverine Plains Inc)
  • Albus lupin production (Bruce Larcombe, Larcombe Agronomy)
  • Disease Management (Joshua Fanning, Agriculture Victoria Research)

For further information, please download the Dookie pre-canopy closure Pulse Check meeting flyer 2019