GRDC Southern Pulse Check Discussion Group Meeting – Dookie, 21 October

The  GRDC southern Riverine Plains Inc Pulse Check pre-harvest meeting will be held from 8:30-11:00am on 21 October, 2019, with a focus on pre-harvest agronomy, storage and marketing.

Commencing at 8.30am at Alexander’s faba bean paddock, Bungeet, growers will be able to view a nitrogen fixation inoculant demonstration.  Alexander’s have also trialed a strip of copper to see if this can assist with pod development.

At 9:00am the group will visit an Albus Lupin crop grown by the Binnie family, which is a relatively new crop to the area.  Binnie’s have also trialed a strip of fungicide to see the impact on disease.  Scott Barlett (AgPro Consulting) will also discuss the use of crop topping in pulses and pest management prior to harvest.

The meeting will then move to Binnie’s sheds, where there will be a discussion around header set-up. Grain storage specialist, Chris Warrick, Primary Business, will then talk about storing pulses, managing pests in storage and options for expanding grain storage.

This will be followed by Market Check, who will provide the latest information on the world pulse market and how it will impact prices this harvest.

For further information, including meeting times and directions, please download the Dookie Pulse Check 2019 pre-harvest meeting flyer or contact Kate Coffey on 03 5744 1713 or