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Expressions of Interest for Pulse Check Groups

Southern Pulse Extension Project

Riverine Plains Inc seeking Expressions of Interest for a regional Pulse Check Group as part of the GRDC Southern Pulse Extension Project.

The GRDC Southern Pulse Extension project, delivered by a consortium of organisations involved in the pulse industry across GRDC’s Southern region, provides a collaborative opportunity to increase the knowledge of growers and advisers on sustainable pulse production, improving the Southern Region’s capacity to maximise future growth and profitability opportunities.

Riverine Plains Inc will form a Pulse Check discussion group which will meet 3-4 times annually for the duration of the project (2017-2019). Paddock walks and discussions will focus on the practical aspects of pulse production, management and marketing in this region.

The first Pulse Check group meeting is planned for later this year, prior to harvest, and will cover issues associated with the lead-up to harvest, as well as paddock selection for next year and hands on activities in current season pulse crops.

Pulse Check Groups will be facilitated by local representatives with access to national technical expertise.  Groups will be comprised of a minimum of 12 growers and 3 advisers.  Prior experience in growing pulses is not required as the purpose of the group is to increase regional knowledge and capacity in pulse production.

If you would like to be involved in the Riverine Plains Inc Pulse Check discussion group (North east Victoria/Southern NSW), please contact Michelle Pardy, Riverine Plains Inc Pulse Check Group Facilitator,  on 03 5744 1713 or email by October 2nd, 2017.