Spring Field Day and official launch of Riverine Research Centre

The regions’ grain farmers are invited to Riverine Plains Inc’s upcoming Spring Field Day, which is being held in conjunction with FAR Australia, on Tuesday 13th of September. The Field Day, which has a nitrogen focus, will take place at the new Riverine Research Centre, located south of Yarrawonga.

“Nitrogen management is always topical in spring, however this season it is particularly important because farmers have probably experienced application delays as well as nitrogen losses due to waterlogging and leaching” said Riverine Plains Extension officer Dr Cassandra Schefe.

“With this in mind, the day’s discussions of trial results and general nitrogen management strategies will be focussed around the conditions we’ve been experiencing” she said.

Michael Straight and Nick Poole from FAR Australia will also be involved in the nitrogen discussions. They will also discuss the latest results from the nitrous oxide project trials which are being conducted in conjunction with research colleagues from the Queensland University of Technology (QUT). This research is being undertaken as part of the Management strategies for improved productivity and reduced nitrous oxide emissions project and is supported by funding from the Australian Government Department of Agriculture as part of its Action on the Ground program.

Riverine Plains Inc has several nitrogen trials currently underway at the Centre, including nitrogen timing trials, nitrogen source trials, and trials evaluating NDVI technology as a method for determining crop nitrogen requirements. Preliminary results from these trials will be presented on the day.

The field day will also feature a walk-through of the other trials being conducted at the Riverine Research Centre. These include trials of new winter wheat germplasm, fungicides, plant growth regulators, liquid fertiliser compatibility and row spacing for early sown wheat and barley.

The Field Day is the first event to be held at the Riverine Research Centre, which is a new collaboration between Riverine Plains Inc and FAR Australia. The official launch of the centre will follow the field day. A free BBQ lunch is also included.
The Field Day will commence at 9:30am at the Riverine Research Centre at 5769 Benalla-Yarrawonga Road, 3km south of Yarrawonga.

For more information please contact Cassie on 0419 238 798.