Sykesy’s Buraja Meeting, 2021

21 January, 2021

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Sykesy’s Buraja Meeting, 2021

Riverine Plains will host the annual Sykesy’s Buraja Meeting on Thursday 4 February, 2021. This long-standing community event continues the tradition started by the late John Sykes and is an opportunity for grain and mixed farmers to discuss the 2020 season as well as the key issues likely to arise in 2021.

Riverine Plains CEO, Catherine Marriott said the group was especially excited to be able to host this event given the impacts of COVID over the past 12 months.

“Sykesy’s Buraja Meeting has a reputation for being a great way to start the season, with the debrief, planning sessions and presentations all helping to focus us on the season ahead” she said.

“It will also provide one of the first opportunities for grain farmers on both sides of the border to come together as a group to discuss production issues, and catch up with each other, since COVID restrictions began” added Catherine.

Timely rains and good growing conditions during 2020 helped most Riverine Plains region farmers achieve their target yields and Chris Minehan (Rural Management Strategies) will unpick the season with a facilitated harvest debrief, followed by a planning session to help identify potential issues for 2021.

Unlocking yield potential in seasons such as 2020 (or any year), requires an understanding of the constraints and agronomic practices needed in the system. To help address this, Nick Poole (FAR Australia) will speak on wheat results from the Hyper Yielding Crops project, with Rohan Brill (BrillAg) also speaking on how to capitalise on canola in good seasons, using lessons from the 2020 Hyper Yielding Crops research project.

Dr Cassandra Schefe (AgriSci) will also speak on stubbles, soils and farming systems, while Ed Nixon (IK Caldwell) and Beau Longmire will provide a local update and a farmer’s perspective on delving. The program will conclude with an agronomic panel discussion with Rob Harrod (Elders), Mark Harris (Rural Management Strategies) and Rosie Dye (IK Caldwell).

Sykesy’s Buraja Meeting will be held on Thursday 4 February, 2021 at the Buraja Recreational Ground Hall, from 8:30am – 12:50pm, followed by a complimentary BBQ lunch. Due to COVID regulations, capacity is limited and RSVP’s are compulsory, with places allocated on a first-in basis. Please email Fiona at to RSVP.

For more information please visit the Riverine Plains Inc website at or contact Riverine Plains, on (03) 5744 1713.

“Following on from a really positive 2020 season, Riverine Plains is very much looking forward to the local farming community joining us for Sykesy’s Buraja Day and to sharing the learnings from 2020” concluded Catherine.

Riverine Plains Inc is an independent farming systems group specialising in farmer driven research and extension across north-east Victoria and southern New South Wales. For more information, or to become a member, please visit



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Catherine Marriott, Chief Executive Officer, Riverine Plains (03 5744 1713)