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We help farmers with innovations, new technologies and improved strategies for sustainability. Farming needs a long-term outlook and we’re here to support farmers every step of the way.

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Sustainability in farming businesses is about being here for the long term.

Protecting our resources, including soils, air, water and native flora and fauna, is key to being able to hand over farms to future generations.

Farmers in the Riverine Plains understand that conditions change seasonally and that creating resilient farming systems can improve profitability, productivity and sustainability. Resilient systems can better adapt to changing climatic conditions and can help maximise profit both when times are good and when they become challenging.

Our climate continues to change. Farmers will need to manage more variable rainfall and temperature patterns in the future and adapt and innovate to be economically sustainable.

Farmers in the region have had to learn to grow more crop and pasture yield with less rainfall, and have had to increase the efficiency with which they use fuel, fertiliser and chemicals in response to changing market and seasonal conditions.

Riverine Plains farmers have always been open to adopting new farming practices and technologies that can help them farm more efficiently. The widespread adoption of no-till and stubble retention practices to protect soils and increase moisture retention is a good example of this.

The adoption of new technologies — for example, green-on-green sprayers that can help farmers reduce their chemical and fuel use, as well as precision agriculture techniques for the more efficient targeting of fertiliser — has the potential to drive efficiencies in the system that will improve farm sustainability.

Research highlights

Riverine Plains involvement in the Cool Soil Initiative contributed to the refinement of methods and calculations that improve the relevance and accuracy of internationally relevant emission calculations for Australian systems.

Cool Soil Initiative

Sustainability in farming businesses is about being here for the long term. See how we’ve supported farmers to improve their soils, drive efficiency and reduce GHG emissions.

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Our sustainability-related projects are helping farmers manage complex environmental and climate challenges.



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